Mozart 22
The Complete Stagework Collection from the Salzburg Festival 2006 - A Landmark in Media and Music History
Distributor: Universal Music
Length: 2876 mins, 33 DVDs
16:9 NTSC
Moz­art 22 is an en­ter­prise of ut­terly unique di­men­sions, the mu­sic­al pro­ject of the cen­tury: the present­a­tion of Moz­art’s com­plete stage works with­in the six weeks of the 2006 Salzburg Fest­iv­al sea­son to com­mem­or­ate Moz­art’s 250th birth­day. It unites the greatest Moz­art sing­ers, con­duct­ors, stage dir­ect­ors and en­sembles of the day, present­ing a pan­or­ama of con­tem­por­ary ap­proaches to the mu­sic­al and stage in­terepret­a­tion of Moz­art’s dra­mat­ic oeuvre. This un­ri­valled un­der­tak­ing made it pos­sible to show the artist­ic de­vel­op­ment of a mu­sic­al geni­us and his dis­tinct­ive mu­sic­al style.

To make this ex­traordin­ary artist­ic achieve-ment ac­cess­ible to a much broad­er pub­lic, Unitel/Clas­sica and BFMI, in con­junc­tion with the Salzburg Fest­iv­al, re­cor­ded and docu- men­ted the en­tire Moz­art 22 cycle with HD tech­no­logy and 5.1 sur­round sound.

The preper­a­tions for this gi­gant­ic pro­ject began in 2003. At its peak about 160 people were work­ing on it nearly around the clock. It took 53 days to shoot, with con­cur­rent re­cord­ings of server­al op­er­as re­quir­ing up to twelve cam­er­as for each re­cord­ing.

On Novem­ber 24th, 2006 the en­tire Moz­art 22 re­cord­ings was re­leased by Uni­ver­sal Mu­sic. Each DVD in the col­lect­or’s box comes with a mak­ing-of film as bo­nus ma­ter­i­al, pay­ing trib­ute to Salzburg’s most im­port­ant son.

In ad­di­tion, the cycle does in­clude doc­u­ment­ary series for TV dis­tri­bu­tion con­tain­ing ex­tens­ive foot­age from the live per­form­ances, ex­cerpts from re­hears­als, in­ter­views with the artists, and back­ground re­ports that shed light on the in­ter­pret­at­ive con­cepts of the per­form­ances and stage pro­duc­tions.
Echo Klassik
Echo Klassik 2007
Jury’s Special Prize Category:
Editorial Achievement of the Year
Deutscher Kamerapreis
Deutscher Kamerapreis 2007
Special Prize of the Jury for the Visual Overall Concept
for "Mitridate, re di Ponto"
Echo Klassik
Echo Klassik 2008
Category: Music DVD Production
for "Le nozze di figaro"
Golden Prague Award
Czech Crystal
44th Golden Prague Festival 2007
Category: Musical Drama
for "Le nozze di figaro"
Rose d’Or
Rose d’Or 2007
Category: Opera Special Prize
for "Le nozze di figaro"