Mozart 22
The Documentaries
Director: Carl Plötzeneder
Distributor: C Major Entertainment
Length: 15 sequels / 52 mins. each
16:9 shot in digital video | stereo
© 2007, a co-production of BFMI and Unitel
Moz­art 22 is an en­ter­prise of ut­terly unique di­men­sions, the mu­sic­al pro­ject of the cen­tury: the present­a­tion of Moz­art’s com­plete stage works with­in the six weeks of the sea­son.

The doc­u­ment­ary series cap­tures the en­tire kal­eido­scope of this un­der­tak­ing: each film con­tains ex­tens­ive foot­age from the live per­form­ances, ex­cerpts from re­hears­als, in­ter­views with the artists, and back­ground re­ports that shed light on the in­ter­pret­at­ive con­cepts of the per­form­ances and stage pro­duc­tions.

The prin­ciple of doc­u­ment­a­tion is to go bey­ond the mak­ing-of-film ap­proach and to re­veal the mu­sic­al de­vel­op­ment of the com­poser in a his­tor­ic con­text as well as the fas­cin­a­tion that he still ex­erts.
Avail­able Titles of the Moz­art-22-Talk­ing Series

1) Die Schuldigkeit des er­sten Ge­bots | Apollo et Hy­acinthus
2) Bas­tien und Bas­tienne | Der Schaus­piel­direk­t­or
3) Mitrid­ate, re di Ponto
4) Betulia Lib­erata
5) As­canio in Al­ba
6) Il sogno di Sci­pi­one
7) Lu­cio Silla
8) La finta giardini­era
9) Il rè pastore
10) Ido­me­neo, re di Creta
11) Zaide - Adama
12) Die Entführung aus dem Serail
13) Don Gio­vanni
14) Così fan tutte
15) Die Za­uber­flöte