Four Last Nights
Director: Bernhard Fleischer
Distributor: OperaVision - supported by the European Union's Creative Europe programme
Length: 149 min. | 16:9 / HD
© 2020, a BFMI production for Staatstheater Hannover
Four lives at a crossroads. Four people in the darkness of the night, when only the hope for an answer lights up the room.

The season opening premiere of Hanover State Opera proofs that there is always an opportunity with crisis. The newly invented piece Trionfo is a powerful revival of the old art form opera.

In Handel's oratorio Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno (1707), the desire to live is at odds with the realisation of one's own mortality. In his early masterpiece, the composer was able to open up clear emotional spaces to the simultaneity of the incompatible. What does it mean to be alive - and what does it mean to demand to be fulfilled with this life? And who am I when the mirror only gazes at me in silence? In Handel's music the questions begin to float.

Georg Friedrich Handel
Text by Benedetto Pamphili

Sarah Brady, La Bellezza
Sunnyboy, Il Tempo
Nina van Essen, Il Piacere
Nicholas Tamagna, Il Disinganno

Chor der Staatsoper Hannover
Chorus Master: Lorenzo Da Rio
Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover
David Bates, conductor

Elisabeth Stöppler, stage director
Valentin Köhler, set & costume design
Elana Siberski, lighting design
Maria Anufriev, sound design
Martin Mutschler, dramaturge