Mozart 22
La finta semplice - Irrfahrten I
Distributor: C Major Entertainment / Unitel
Length: 129 min.
16:9 shot in Digital Video 25P / stereo & 5.1 surround sound
© 2006, a production of Unitel, and BFMI in co-production with Classica, in cooperation with the Salzburg Festival
Op­era buffa in two acts K. 430 resp. 424 (1768), frag­ment
Lib­retto: au­thor un­known

The Ir­rfahrten (Odys­seys) tri­ology com­prises three in­de­pend­ent, self-con­tained per­form­ances that are mo­tivically in­ter­woven in­to a com­pel­ling whole through a great vari­ety of ref­er­ences. Vari­ous artist­ic genres – mu­sic, theatre, dance and video – are fused in­to an ori­gin­al form of mu­sic theatre that could very well point to the fu­ture.The tri­logy was con­ceived by Joachim Schlömer, a noted dan­cer, cho­reo­graph­er, and dir­ect­or. He sees his pro­ject as the "odys­sey of an artist from ex­tern­al con­trol to self-de­term­in­a­tion." (Schlömer).

This con­cerns not only Moz­art him­self, but also the artist in gen­er­al, and, by ex­ten­sion, every­one who has over­come a crisis in his life to achieve his pres­on­al free­dom. At the be­gin­ning of the tri­logy is the twelve-year-old Moz­art’s first op­era buffa, "La finta sem­plice" (The Make-Be­lieve Sim­pleton), a full-length op­era with com­media dell’arte-style char­ac-ters. "The mu­sic," says Schlömer, "tells of want­ing something – even if the chrarac­ters still don’t really know what they want."

Ma­l­in Har­teli­us, Ros­ina
Josef Wag­n­er, Don Cas­sandro
Mat­thi­as Klink, Don Polidoro
Maria Com­par­ato, Giacinta
Silvia Moi, Ninetta
Jeremy Ovenden, Fra­cas­so
Miljen­ko Turk, Si­mone
Mari­anne Hamre, Auct­ori­atas

Cam­erata Salzburg

Elisa­beth Fuchs, con­duct­or
Thomas Reich­ert, stage dir­ect­or
Anaïs & Olivi­er Spiro, video dir­ect­or

Re­cord­ing dates: 01.08.| 05.08.| 09.08.2006
Ven­ue: Res­id­en­zhof