Visual Concert
Director: Bernhard Fleischer
Distributor: Staatstheater Hannover
Length: 80 min. | 16:9 | stereo
© 2021, a BFMI production for Staatstheater Hannover
In this visual concert, seldom played tone poems by Jean Sibelius meet the abstract visual worlds of the Israeli-British video artist Tal Rosner. Rosner is an internationally sought-after video artist for concert, theater and dance projects or fashion shows, who is working for "Mythos" for the first time in Germany.

The composer Jean Sibelius poses a riddle: Born into a Swedish-speaking family in finish Hämeenlinna, he grew up away from the cultural centers, driven by an inner urge for music. Unimpressed by years of study in Berlin and Vienna, he shaped his very own musical language and became the national composer of young Finland. He wrote seven symphonies, many symphonic poems and drama music before falling into erratic artistic silence for the last 28 years of his life.

Sibelius ’musical language is unprecedented and singular - with its preference for low registers, the echo of Finnish nature in the vastness of the scores, the roots in the mythical material of the national epic Kalevala. The Finnish conductor Ari Rasilainen and the Lower Saxony State Orchestra create a concert event for the eyes and ears together with the video artist Tal Rosner.

Jean Sibelius
En Saga, Op.9
Arioso, Op. 3 for soprano and strings
Scene with cranes, Op.44 no.2
Ballade, Op.27 No. 5
The Swan by Tuonela, Op. 22 No. 2
Luonnota, Op. 70 for soprano and orchestra
Night Ride and Sunrise, Op.55

Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester Hannover
Ari Rasilainen, conductor
Hailey Clark, soprano

Tal Rosner, video art and stage concept
Elana Siberski, lighting design
Swantje Köhnecke, dramaturge