Lang Lang at the Royal Albert Hall
Mozart & Chopin
Director: Christian K. Weiß
Distributor: C Major Entertainment
Length: 124 mins.
16:9 shot in NATIVE 4K | stereo
© 2013, a BFMI co-production with ZDF/3sat, Sony Classical and Sony Corporation

Wel­come LANG LANG for these ex­clus­ive re­cit­als of Moz­art and Chop­in, per­formed in-the-round.

Since go­ing on sale in Novem­ber 2012, tick­ets for Lang Lang’s solo re­cit­al at the Roy­al Al­bert Hall on Novem­ber 15th 2013 sold out with­in 48 hours, a re­cord for a re­cit­al by any clas­sic­al mu­si­cian at the ven­ue in re­cent times. We’re de­lighted to be able to pre­serve his per­form­ance for the screen, so his many world­wide fans have a chance to ex­per­i­ence the pro­gramme.
Wolfgang Amadeus Moz­art
Pi­ano Son­ata No. 5 in G ma­jor, KV 283
Pi­ano Son­ata No. 4 in E flat ma­jor, KV 282
Pi­ano Son­ata No. 8 in A minor, KV 310

Frédéric Chop­in
Chop­in Bal­lade No. 1 Op 23 in G minor
Chop­in Bal­lade No. 2 Op 38 in F Ma­jor
Chop­in Bal­lade No. 3 Op 47 in A flat
Chop­in Bal­lade No. 4 Op 52 in F minor
Manuel Maria Ponce: In­ter­mezzo
Ern­esto Lecuona: Y La Negra Bail­aba
Tra­di­tion­al: Sea­weed Dance
Wolfgang Amadeus Moz­art: Rondo alla Turca
Robert Schu­mann: Dav­idsbünd­lertänze, Op.6 No. 14
Frédéric Chop­in: Minute Waltz, Op. 64 No. 1 D flat Ma­jor
Frédéric Chop­in: Noc­turne Op. 55. No. 2 E flat Ma­jor
Al­ex­an­der Skriabin: Étude Op.8 No. 12 D sharp minor