Sir Bryn Terfel and Friends
Songs of the Sea
Director: Bernhard Fleischer
Distributor: C Major Entertainment
Length: 52 min.
© 2023, a BFMI production for C Major Entertainment in co-production with Heliodor Productions | Deutsche Grammophon
The Welsh bass-baritone Sir Bryn Terfel takes us to his home country Wales in his new project "Songs of the Sea". The wildly romantic coast is the starting point for a musical journey through Wales, England, Ireland, New Zealand and French Brittany. We experience Bryn in authentic locations, such as in a historic church, in a pub and on the cliffs of the Atlantic. With friends and companions like the Welsh instrumental ensemble Calan and other guests, he sings and plays hits like "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor", "Wellerman", but also very authentic songs from the life of sailors. The musical performance is framed by Bryn's explanations of the history of these shanties and sea songs, Welsh life, and his own roots in rural Wales.
Opera star Bryn Terfel emerged from an extraordinary cultural heritage and a nation renowned for its love of singing. Sir Bryn who has been knighted in 2017 has debuted with the Welsh National Opera in 1990 and since then started singing at opera houses across the world. In 2023 he has been invited to sing at King Charles’s coronation, representing Wales.

Unst Boat Song
Fflat Huw Puw
Me’ zo ganet
Calon Lân
Codi Angor
The Green Willow Tree
The Wellerman
Bold Riley
Ar lan y mor
Whiskey Johnny
Drunken Sailor
Mae’r Gwynt yn Deg
Sir Bryn Terfel, vocals

Patrick Rimes, piano, fiddle, flute
Eve Goodman, vocals
Hannah Stone, harp

Guest Musicians
Archie Churchill Moss, accordion
Ben Tunnicliffe, bass
Evan Carson, percussion

Patrick Rimes
Sam Humphreys
Bethan Rhiannon
Shelley Musker Turner