Bläserphilharmonie Mozarteum Salzburg
New Year’s Concert 2013
Director: Michael Beyer
Distributor: C Major Entertainment
Length: 107 mins.
16:9 shot in 1080i HD | stereo
© 2013, a BFMI production for Servus TV in co-production with Unitel Classica
La chasse - The Hunt: Mu­sic from Par­is and Vi­enna

In its New Year’s Con­cert 2013 the Bläserphil­har­monie Moz­ar­teum Salzburg un­der its prin­cip­al con­duct­or Hansjörg Anger­er spans a bridge from Vi­enna to Par­is to cel­eb­rate the be­gin­ning of the New Year with a re­sound­ing flour­ish. The pro­gramme fea­tures typ­ic­al court hunt­ing mu­sic, dat­ing back to the Baroque peri­od, on his­tor­ic hunt­ing horns, and also highly pop­u­lar light mu­sic from the 19th and early 20th cen­tur­ies.
Since time im­me­mori­al people have hunted not only stags, deer and hares but have also chased after hap­pi­ness, suc­cess, wealth, speed, private or so­cial re­cog­ni­tion, and not least love...

Over the course of time hunt­ing mu­sic gradu­ally evolved from be­ing something used for a spe­cif­ic pur­pose to be­come art mu­sic. Many great com­posers of the past in­tro­duced hunt­ing themes in­to their com­pos­i­tions to evoke the moods of nature, the forest and hunt­ing in their works.
This life broad­cast con­cert in­cludes rep­er­toire by Marce Ant­oine de Dampi­erre, Jaques Of­fen­bach, Joseph Hell­mes­ber­ger jr., Ad­ol­phe Adam, Emile Walt­teufel, Franz von Suppé, Joseph Lan­ner, Eduard Strauß, Jo­hann Strauss, and Franz Lehár.

Bläserphil­har­monie Moz­ar­teum Salzburg
Wen­zel Fuchs, con­cert mas­ter, prin­cip­al solo cla­ri­net­tist of the Ber­lin Phil­har­mon­ic
Hansjörg Anger­er, Prin­cip­al con­duct­or