New Worlds - Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & friends
at the DRIVE, Berlin
Director: Bernhard Fleischer
Length: 82 mins.
16:9 shot in HD-Cam
© 2016/17, a BFMI production for Bill Murray & Jan Vogler in co-production with Dorn Music, in collaboration with Universal Music
If you think Bill Murray in re­al life is the jokester or the grumpy mis­anthrope he's played in movies, it's time to re­assess. It turns out he's a life­long lover of verse who's been a support­er of New York’s po­et­ry crowd for more than 20 years.

Bill Murray and cellist Jan Vogler met dur­ing their trav­els and became friends. Soon, the idea for a joint program was born – it fea­tures texts by American lit­era­ture classic writ­ers like Hem­ingway, Miller, Whitman et al. and mu­sic by Bach, Gershwin, Rav­el, Piazzolla, Bernstein. A fas­cinating encounter be­tween mu­sic and great lit­era­ture.

The programme New Worlds has been in de­vel­op­ment since 2013 and in fact, it’s Bill Murray’s first ever concert tour together with Jan Vogler, Mira Wang and Vanessa Perez that is following the like-named debut album.

Johann Sebas­tian Bach
Suite G major for solo cello
Jan Vogler

Walt Whitman
“Song of the Open Road” and “Song of my­self”
Bill Murray

Stephen Foster
“Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair”
Bill Murray, Mira Wang, Jan Vogler, Vanessa Perez

Ernest Hem­ingway
“With Pascin at the Dome” from “A Moveable Feast”
Bill Murray

Astor Piazzolla
La Muerte del An­gel
Jan Vogler, Mira Wang, Vanessa Perez

George Gershwin
“It Ain’t Nec­essarily So” from “Porgy & Bess”
Bill Murray, Mira Wang, Vanessa Perez

Astor Piazzolla
Jan Vogler, Vanessa Perez, Bill Murray & Mira Wang

Maurice Rav­el
“Blues” from Sonata for vio­lin and piano
Mira Wang, Vanessa Perez

Truman Capote / Henry Manc­i­ni
from ”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”: “Moon Riv­er”
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler, Vanessa Perez

Mark Twain
from “Adven­tures of Huckleberry Finn”
Bill Murray

Leonard Bernstein, arr. Stephen Buck
from “West Side Story”: “Somewhere”, “I Feel Pretty” and “America”
Bill Murray, Mira Wang, Jan Vogler, Vanessa Perez