Juliet & Romeo
Ballet by Mats Ek
Director: Thomas Grimm
Length: 110 mins.
16:9 shot in 1080i HD | stereo
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From the Royal Swedish Opera House:
Full-evening ballet by Mats Ek

The world’s greatest love story the other way round:
The Swedish choreographer Mats Ek stages Juliet & Romeo in Stockholm. It is his first narrative ballet since 1997.

Her and Him. They love each other. Why does everyone else think that their love is wrong? A romantic story in a brutal environment. A struggle between the people and the power. A struggle between generations. Love, hate and jealousy. Who can win? Romeo and Juliet becomes Juliet & Romeo when world renowned choreographer Mats Ek presents his full-length work to Tchaikovsky's music, with its first performance of the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Royal Opera House.
“It's time to turn things around,” says Mats Ek. Also, one of Shakespeare's originals was in fact named Juliet and Romeo. So you can say that we return to the story's source. We also signal that we will use the music of Tchaikovsky, not Prokofiev's. But the drama's bearing conflict with the young unprotected love versus the established violence, is still there - a tragedy in which love triumphs by going under.

The Royal Swedish BalletRoyal Opera Orchestra

Alexander Polianichko, conductor
Piotr Tchaikovsky, music, selected by Mats Ek
Anders Högstedt, musical adaption
Mats Ek, choreography
Magdalena Åberg, scenography
Magdalena Åberg, costumes
Linus Fellbom, light design
Golden Prague Award
Czech Crystal Award
2014 Golden Prague
Category: Performing Arts